Thursday, September 23, 2010

Given with the best intentions, help you with your complications.

I'm a people watcher. I always have been. Lately, I have been realizing that maybe my people watching, isn't so good with an over-analytical brain, such as the one I have. So many things lead me to question, why is the most intelligent species in the world so mindless? They are like sheep, really.

1. When did we fall so far as to wait for colored lights to tell us when to put on the brake and to push the gas? I mean, of course it's safe, but I find it amusing that humans rely so heavily on machines these days that their life on the roads are ran by ever-changing colored lights.

2. "What's the sense in anything, when it's just one more goodbye?"- Stone Sour. It's true. Every person that you allow to enter your life, it's just one more goodbye. Either you will be saying goodbye in the form of a fight, a move, simply drifting apart, or ultimately death. Of course our psyche wouldn't benefit from staying alone for our mortal lives, but everything ends.

3. To elaborate on goodbyes, all of our accomplishments in life are more or less no good to us after the final goodbye. I mean, I know there are things like the wheel, fire, and of course The Vitruvian Man that affect the way every human after them conducts life, but what about those people that won't be much more than mediocre? What if my work never goes recognized? Why did I bust my ass, pay so much for school, etc when it's really just something that will be obsolete once I'm dead?

4. Why do people CARE so much about what other people say/feel? I mean, if someone told me that I was nothing but an ugly cunt, I really wouldn't let it hurt me. They are just one person, in the sea of many. I know who I am, and what I stand for... why would I let other people try to tell me what the definition of Leslie is? I really don't care what my banker, coworker, boss, cohuman thinks. If they don't get me, that's not my fault. Can I change it? No. Why would I bend MYSELF to fit their definitions instead of making their definitions bend to fit me? After all, if I'm going to be mediocre, I might as well make me happy while I have any Earthly value whatsoever, right?

5. Only dream as big as you are willing to fail. If you don't mind falling flat on your face, dream huge. If you are afraid of rejection/humiliation... aim to be as big as the risk you are willing to take. I've been coming to realize this lately. If you aren't willing to take a gigantic risk, why would you expect the world to bend over backwards to reward your accomplishment? Do you think Leonardo Da Vinci was like "Eh, I don't know if I can create one of the best one perspective paintings ever made. I don't know if doing it on wet plaster instead of dry plaster like I'm used to is the best idea. What if their emotions don't come out right?" No. He went for it, and bam... The Last Supper.

I don't know what I'm getting at, exactly, but I sure hope these fixating thoughts are normal. If not, I suppose I'm okay with that too.