Friday, November 16, 2012

Care Packages for the Soul.

Any woman that tells you a care package isn't just as much for her sanity during deployment as it is for her loved one is a filthy liar. This month, I sent out five boxes. I always get a little over-excited the first month (plus, it's a Christmas package, yo!), but trail off by the middle of the deployment. Instead of having a million packages in the beginning, and not having any at the end... I have decided from now on I will send him one awesome package a month. This also helps with the countdown, ya see? Ideally we will send 9 packages the entire deployment (with the exception of my over zealous 5 boxes shipment this month). Soooo, in honor of that 1 down, 8 to go!

This time, I have made it a goal for each package to have a theme. How exciting, right? I like to believe that the husband will find them just as entertaining as I do. If he doesn't, he doesn't say anything. Smart man. And on the next package, our little battle buddy gets to help! Sure he will be more of a bobble-headed, drooling supervisor, but who cares?! All of the subsequent packages this deployment will not only have a woman's touch, but a baby's, too!

We miss you, dude! Keep focused on your mission, and we will be waiting with open arms (and maybe some slobber?) when you come home! Love you, bird!